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Paradise Fencing is an owner operated and locally owned business in Great Falls, MT.
Growing up in Paradise Valley, east of Bozeman, I learned early how to keep livestock in and wildlife out... a well built fence. I have been fencing ever since.

After owning and operating my own fencing company while obtaining a construction engineering degree through Montana State University (Go Bobcats!), I settled in beautiful Great Falls.

I have now been professionally building fences since 1996. I take pride in high quality construction and offer excellent customer service.

My company is diverse in all aspects of construction. Not only do we fence, but building construction, concrete, excavation and more are no problem.
Contact us today for your fencing and building construction in Great Falls, MT and let's get started on your projects!
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Q. I am having a new fence built. What things do I need to communicate to the contractor?
A. When having a fence installed, you should know things such as: the purpose the fence will serve, where you would like the fence located, and the type of material or design of the fence (like vinyl, chain link, height and fence style). You should also communicate your price range and budget, and desired date of completion.

Q. I need to keep animals out of my garden. What is the best type of fence for this?
A. Fences using chicken wire is a good option, as well as vinyl coated chain link.

Q. What option for a fence is the best for my needs?
A. You certainly always want to consider your budget, as well as the lifespan of the material for the fence you choose. You want to be sure it will last for years and not require repairs or replacement over time.

Q. What types of fences are available to choose from?
A. Chain link fences are versatile, and can be vinyl coated in a variety of colors. Vinyl slats can also be used to decrease visibility and allow for more privacy. While this is the most cost effective type of fence, the price of steel does fluctuate and can affect the cost.

Wooden fence is another very common type of fence, and is widely used in decorative fencing or privacy fencing.

Vinyl fence is one of the more expensive options, but if the right quality of product is used, it can last for many years and requires little maintenance.

The most important thing to remember when deciding on a fence is how it looks, and also its lifespan and longevity.



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